Claim your free one hour consultation on a chosen topic


Each month we chose 2 potential new or existing partners to whom we offer a 1 hour free consultation on a chosen topic. Topics can be both in the area of ​​our core competencies:

  • Developing customers value
  • Customer retention / loyalty programs
  • Anticipating leaving clients
  • Segmentation and vital value to the customer
  • Assessing credit worthiness of individuals

Also we can offer information on more complex statistical analyzes, including: measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities, research, customer satisfaction, factor analysis, certain activity patterns classification, product profitability, optimization, estimates of the time series and many others in the field of data analysis.

In such an hour can advise you how to solve math, specific small problem, but also you can learn how to get more value from the data the you own and how to turn this new knowledge into a competitive advantage. We are probably already working with a company of your industry, so join you...

Our mission is "to increase the competitiveness of companies in the region...". Be part of the challenge!