Draw insight form the past. Make predictions about the future.

The in-house developed, end-to-end solution for data analytics CuDeLa is a comprehensive modular CRM platform with campaign management, loyalty programs and customer intelligence capabilities. It is based on a unique Customer intelligence module that includes pre-built mathematical models showing propensity for future customer behavior and actions in the following areas: Segmentation, Churn, Up-sell and Cross-sell, Customer Life-time value.


  • Administration
  • Segmentation
  • Teller
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Scoring
  • Business Rules Engine


  • Identification of up-sell, cross-sell potential and next-best offer development that leads to revenue increase and is based on customer's history analysis;
  • Complete loyalty management solution;
  • Comprehensive Multi-tier Campaign management tool;
  • Gateway for integration and communication with external systems and platforms;
  • Workflow and task management;
  • Management information, dashboard, alerting and monitoring;
  • Highest security standards;
  • Multi-language capabilities.


  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase new customer acquisition rate
  • Reduce customer churn rate
  • Increase forecasting accuracy and boost sales results
  • Boost profitability
  • Increase the volume of valuable customers
  • Improve customer communication effectiveness
  • Provide pricing improvement opportunities
  • Increase the ROI of your Business data

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